2023 Election News For The City Of Bellaire – Gus Pappas Wins Election For Mayor

Gus Pappas has been elected Mayor of Bellaire. Two new Council members, Cindy Cohen Taylor and Jackie Georgiou, will join him on City Council in January, 2024.

Aaron Perry1,41943.01%
Gus E. Pappas1,88056.99%

There will be a runoff election for Mayor between Gus Pappas and Aaron Perry on Saturday, December 9, 2023.  Early voting begins Monday, November 27, 2023.  Find voting information and polling places below.   

City of Bellaire, Mayor

Aaron Perry1,30529.96%
Nathan Wesely1,22428.10%
Gus E. Pappas1,82741.94%

City of Bellaire, Council Member – Position No. 2

Catherine Lewis2,85472.92%
Mike Stanton1,06027.08%

City of Bellaire, Council Member – Position No. 4

Elan Tavor1,77343.68%
Cindy Cohen Taylor2,28656.32%

City of Bellaire, Council Member – Position No. 6

Kevin Newman1,35134.47%
Jackie Georgiou2,56865.53%

CITY OF BELLAIRE, PROPOSITION A (Sale of Ruffino Hills Landfill)


UPDATE 10-15-2023:  Election day is November 7, 2023, with early voting from October 23 through November 3.  Elections in the City of Bellaire are non-partisan.  Find a sample ballot based on Bellaire precinct 214 here.

The candidates are listed below, with links to their campaign website when available.  Campaign filings and finance reports can be accessed here.  This may be the first time in Bellaire’s history that a candidate has received over $50,000 in contributions.  I encourage everyone to research the candidates and to vote!

Just received this per Tracy Dutton: “I received an email from Tim Sullivan advising that he is hosting a candidate forum from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on October 24, 2023, in the Bellaire Civic Center.  I have heard from many of the candidates stating they would be there.”

For Mayor:
Aaron Perry
Nathan Wesely
Gus E. Pappas

For Council Member – Position No. 2:
Catherine Lewis
Mike Stanton

For Council Member – Position No. 4:
Elan Tavor
Cindy Cohen Taylor

For Council Member – Position No. 6:
Kevin Newman
Jackie Georgiou

Voters will also be asked to authorize the sale of the Ruffino Hills landfill property, located along Keegan’s Bayou close to Hwy 59 and the Beltway in Southwest Houston.  West  University sold their half of that property last year for $10.5 million.  Because Bellaire’s portion is a dedicated park, state law requires Bellaire voters must approve of the sale.

Review the proposed state Constitutional amendments here.

  • The last day to register to vote in the November election is Tuesday, October 10, 2023. Check for mail-in voter registration applications at your local Library or County office.
  • Last day to apply for a mail-in ballot is October 27th. Find instructions hereNOTE: Voters must now request a mail-in ballot every year.
  • HarrisVotes.com  Find detailed voting information and polling locations for Harris County here.   
  • Early voting in person runs from October 23rd through November 3rd.
  • Due to recent changes in Texas laws, registered voters are advised to check to be certain they are still registered prior to the November election.  Update changes to name or address here or fill out and submit a new voter registration application.

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