Affordable Housing Is Proposed @ Glenmont and South Rice Avenue

Your Bellaire neighbors in the northwest sector just outside the Loop are asking for your help.  This is in the Imperial/Mayfair area.  Please read their information and request below. 

If you feel this is the wrong location for this type of development – traffic, overcrowding, numerous apartments already available, other areas in greater need, etc. – please send a letter to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs and contact our local, State, and Federal representatives. Thank you.


You may have read about the proposed Affordable Housing at the corner of Glenmont and Anderson in the Southwest News Feb 26.   The project must get tax credits from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs to go forward.

Now we know the date for the public hearing – it’s Tuesday, April 2 at 6pm, in downtown Houston. This will be our last opportunity to register our opinion.  Written comments by snail mail only, apparently.  Here’s a link to their comment instructions, including a form to fill out:

Sarah Davis, District 134, will send a letter to Gene Wu, District 137, about our opposition.  Mayor Friedberg has spoken to the City of Houston officials, but Houston has already approved the low-income housing apartments.  Mayor Siegel and Bellaire council fought a soccer stadium in this area and won.  Traffic was already a problem.

Rep. Sarah Davis contact:

Rep. Gene Wu contact:

A huge public opposition stopped a similar project on Fountain View recently, along with involvement from the state and US representatives.  However the City of Houston was found to violate the Civil Rights act after opposing it.  Houston approves of this new project.

Find more information here:

Congressman Culberson helped stop the Fountain View project, so please get our representative Lizzie Fletcher involved. She is the only person who represents both sides of the district lines.  Her contact information is:

Rep. Lizzie Fletcher contact is:

New Affordable Housing at Rice & Glenmont – 200ft from Bellaire
5612 S. Rice Avenue
Public Hearing 6pm – Tuesday – April 2, 2019

 City Hall Annex Chamber, Public Level, 900 Bagby, Houston, TX 77002

Brownstone Group proposes to develop land that is 200 ft from Bellaire, down the street from new townhouses, to build a large Affordable Housing complex.  Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs is responsible for approving tax credits to make this development possible. We have one chance to protest!

Why we oppose tax credits $$$ for this project:

  • New Galleria South is burgeoning with Walmart, MicroCenter, and fast food restaurants. This property was marketed for hotels and townhouses, with luxury apartments and new townhouses just down the street.  It represents loss of potential tax base for city and state taxes, ending growth in one of few areas around the Galleria that is open for development.
  • HUD and the Urban Institute recommend putting Affordable Housing in High Opportunity Neighborhoods.
  • Thousands of apartments in the Gulfton area with high vacancy rates await rehabilitation for Affordable Housing.  The TDHCA website celebrates the renovations of existing properties to be used as housing for low-income families.  This option should be taken before losing state and local tax dollars on new structures.
  • Large apartment complex adds to overcrowding at Cunningham Elementary School (one block away).  120 apartments would add at least 150-350 children, increasing enrollment burden on Cunningham by 20-50%.
  • Narrow lanes and proposed access too close to intersection would be hazardous for several hundred children and teens walking to school or to Walmart and fast-food services. Traffic even more a mess!
  • East Gulfton is made up of warehouses and industrial facilities, not a good home for families and children.  There are no parks for play or day care facilities for children there.
  • A plume of subsurface contamination runs underneath Walmart and less than 1/4 mile away on Fournace St.   It is not clear the extent of the contamination. It would be appropriate to require an environmental study, including monitor wells, before exposing children and families to chemical hazards by building apartments in that immediate area.
  • Maximum income for assistance reported as $26,000, roughly half of what HISD and HPD pay at entry level positions. See Southwest News, Feb. 26, 2019, available online.

Please submit your written comments to TDHCA and go to the public hearing. Address written comments to:

Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Multifamily Finance Division
P.O. Box 13941
Austin, Texas 78711-3941
Phone: (512) 936-7834 Facsimile: (512) 475-1895.

For additional information, visit the Housing Tax Credits Web page at
To contact the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, get more information, or view a slideshow of recent TDHCA activities, visit in your Web browser.

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