Public Works

Seven projects included in the 2016_Bond_Projects_List – current contractor information is updated as contracts are issued. I’ll try to stay informed.

Costello, Inc. Contract  Original contract executed on May 25, 2017, for numerous street and drainage projects: Maple St. from Avenue B to Newcastle; Bolivar St. from Jessamine to Dead End; Spruce St. from Ferris to South Rice Avenue; Fifth St. from Bissonnet to Spruce.  Installation of flapgate structures at S. Rice outfall, 610 Newcastle outfall, and Southdale area outfall and include in Group C Phase 2 Street and Drainage Construction plans.  Depending on exact locations of these structures, significant box structures may be required at the installation locations.

The 5 Year Capital Improvement Program Plan can be found here.  This will provide an overview of how much of our bond money is spent: FY2017CIP

Review the  SiemensPresentation to City Council on August 2, 2016.

Review the final $12.8 million Performance_Contracting Agreement between Bellaire and Siemens Industry

What’s going on in your neighborhood?   Roadwork, water or sewer lines, new sidewalks?  Any problems with construction projects?  Please post your comments on the User Comments page.