What Is The Swift Tower Update? What’s Next For The World Trade Center Piece?

This is from a City Council Meeting Overview issued on October 2, 2018: Presentation of the City of Bellaire World Trade Center Memorial Project, including updates on proposed concepts, stakeholder input, and private fundraising strategies. No action was requested of the City Council.

Next steps include the creation of a stakeholder group to develop a fundraising strategy and refine the conceptual design. No City funding is planned for this project.

This is the metal from a building on the World Trade Center site.  The project was originally presented to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board at the March meeting, seeking stakeholders for fund raising.

The estimated cost at last year’s council meeting was in the neighborhood of $500,000.  View the presentation here: http://bellairecitytx.iqm2.com/Citizens/SplitView.aspx?Mode=Video&MeetingID=1884&Format=Agenda 

Start at about the 1.50 point in the video.

The Swift Tower is a proposed project for construction and installation of more swift towers similar to the Tower at the Nature Discovery Center.  No site has been chosen at this time but they are planned for City parks.  A local builder is donating the labor and materials for these towers.

Unfortunately the Parks and Recreation board meetings are not videoed, nor are any minutes from the meetings available online.  You may want to attend the upcoming meeting on April 17th to find out more about their proposed projects plus the 5-Year Capital Improvement Program.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 6:00 p.m.

Nature Discovery Center, Russ Pitman Park
7112 Newcastle, Bellaire, Texas 77401

1. Call to Order

2. Announcement of a Quorum

3. Approval of Minutes from March 20, 2019 meeting

4. Public Comments
Each speaker shall be limited to three (3) minutes. A sign-up form by each speaker shall be required prior to the opening of the meeting.

5. Reports
a. Reports from Other Boards, Commissions and Committees
b. Reports from Council Liaison
c. Reports from City Staff

6. Introduction to and presentation from Bethany Foshee, Executive Director of Nature Discover Center

7. Swift Tower Update- Buster Adams, Superintend of Parks

8. Discussion and possible action on the City of Bellaire’s, Draft Five-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP), Land Acquisition, and Future Park Projects, Cristin Emshoff, Assistant Director of Development Services.

9. Presentation and possible action on recommendations from the Parks sub-committee, Sharon Veldman

10. Board Members Comments and Announcements

11. Adjournment


I certify that the agenda set forth above was posted on the bulletin board at the west entrance located at City Hall, 7008 South Rice Avenue, Bellaire, Texas on April 12, 2019 at 2pm.

Karl Miller, Director of Parks, Recreation and Facilities

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