Check the Menu for links to City agendas, studies and plans, contact information, floods, Bellaire history, financial information and local events.  Curious about the Pathways Study?  There’s a link for that.  What’s in the Comprehensive Plan?  There’s a link for that, too.  Please take the time to explore the site.

Bellaire residents lead busy lives and most of us don’t have time to attend all the City meetings.  The plan is for this site to serve as a meeting place for Bellaire residents,  to find out about current activities at City Hall and City Council, and a place to share opinions and information.

I’ll be using this site to present information on City activities, particularly on projects, studies, plans, whatever – as well as try to keep up with the actions of City Council and our boards and commissions.  If I feel strongly about an issue I plan to express my concerns.  In my experience 5 minutes to speak at a City Council meeting does not always provide enough time to present an opinion or speak to some important issue.

You can also send me comments and articles via the Contact Form or web site email: bellairebcc@gmail.com  and if they are pertinent to a Bellaire issue I may post them!

Reminders about meetings and presentations that I may overlook would be helpful and suggestions are always welcome.

Please take a few moments to review this site’s Privacy Policy.

A little background.  I’ve lived in Bellaire since 1956, raised a family here, and have always been involved in the community.  It’s a great place to live, and I hope we continue to grow and prosper.

Please be patient, it’s a work in progress.  Let me know what  you want to see on these pages.  Welcome to the Bellaire Civic Club.com

You can contact me via bellairebcc@gmail.com

Welcome, and thanks!

Jane McNeel