Our Environment

Find information on the drop-down menu or click on the links below to see what and what not should be recycled in our curbside bins or to find some alternative methods to the landfill for disposing of leaves and grass clippings.  Consider water conservation, good for the planet while lowering our water bills, and the damage incurred from water pollution.  And there’s more…

Consider Opting Out of the City’s Mosquito spraying program
The active chemical ingredients are
Permethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide, harmful to all flying insects including bees and Monarchs
MSDS supplied by the City

Find out what can go in our recycle bins

Recycle those autumn leaves

Facts about water conservation and water pollution


Earth-Kind Landscaping from A&M

Mosquito Misting concerns

How to recycle  Hazardous Materials

Information on City of Bellaire Recycling is available here:

And to non-disposable items, items the City does not address: