Big Plans For The Old Randall’s Space

Realty News Report’s Michelle Smith reports that the Randall’s space at 5130 Bellaire Blvd has been leased by a group associated with Houston Methodist Hospital. Find the article here.

A small town feel?

The old grocery store, erected in the 1950s, would be demolished to make room for a 4-story building full of medical facilities including a surgery center.  The site is in the UV-D, Urban-Village Downtown District, and if approved will certainly put an end to any small-town or ‘village’ feel in that area. 

In fact, when this area was rezoned in 2014 a “small-town” feel was part of the City’s promotion to rezone these areas.  Read the item at left.  Instead it’s zoned with zero setbacks and minimum 30-foot tall buildings.

It’s hard to imagine any other affluent community allowing these large developments in the center of town or directly adjacent to residences.  If they are permitted at all they are on the periphery, as in West University and Southside Place.  But the Mayor seems to feel a 4-story building will fulfill the plan for urban development in Bellaire’s original downtown.  No doubt it also will lead to an increase in traffic. 

For many years the tall office buildings in Bellaire were limited to the Loop 610 District.  What remains to be seen is what the City will allow Methodist to build in what is actually called Bellaire Town Center.  The UV-D seems to be quite lenient when it comes to Planned Developments on 1 acre or more.  Those PD specifications are listed at the end of the ordinance. Stay tuned.

Just got word of one more business closure, Broiler Burger is gone for good.

Find a primer on Bellaire’s zoning here.

Please email concerns or questions to the Mayor and members of City Council via our City Clerk, Tracy Dutton, at  Let Council know what you think.

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