Holly Street Trail: Over A Quarter Of A Million Dollars Spent From 2014-2020

Residents are once again complaining about the poor conditions along the Holly Street Trail.  That’s the esplanade portion of Holly that runs from the Loop to South Rice Avenue. The walking trail portion was developed many years ago. 

After complaints in 2014 from homeowners along Holly Street, the City began to make landscape improvements.  During the approximate 6-year period from March of 2014 through February of 2020 the City paid out over $270,000 for Trail improvements.  Find the list of expenditures here.  

In the near future I plan to submit another Public Information Request for a list of City expenditures for the Trail for the past 3+ years.  With our finances restrained due to $100 million in bonded debt, is it time to just pave it or plant grass?  Stay tuned.  

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