Bellaire Historical Maps And Documents

The community of Bellaire began in the early 1900s, on the outskirts of Houston.  A Bellaire resident has kindly shared some historical documents and maps.

A wonderful sketch from 1912 of ‘relative locations’ for Houston, Rice Institute (now Rice University), and Bellaire (lower left).   Click to enlarge.

The first subdivision, Westmoreland Farms, was laid out in 1909, by the South End Land Company, W. W. Baldwin, President.
Westmoreland Farms, 1909, First Subdivision

By 1910 the subdivision was amended to include addtional land to the north and west.
Westmoreland Farms, 1910, Amended First Subdivsion

In 1912 a Second Subdivision of Westmoreland Farms was added “immediately west and adjoining the amended first subdivision of Westmoreland Farms”.
Westmoreland Farms, 1912, Second Subdivision

The last map is dated 1922, for the Third Subdivision of Westmoreland Farms.  Note the location of Brays Bayou.
Westmoreland Farms, 1922, Third Subdivision

Found this 1922 topographical map which includes Bellaire and the surrounding area, including the Willlow Waterhole – in 1922.  

Below, a portion of a 1950 Gulf Oil City of Houston Map

Here’s a 1947 map, easy to navigate and enlarge, courtesy of Harris County Archives.  Nothing but woods and fields to the north, south, and west!

If anyone has maps, plats, or documents on Bellaire’s history they would like to share please contact me at   I’ll be happy to add them.  Thanks!

Bellaire newpapers from the 1940s on are available via The Portal to Texas History.  The Portal is hosted by the University of North Texas and is a repository of thousands of documents.