City Government

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The web address for the City web site is:

Freedom of Information Act – Request_for_Public_Information

Financial information for all Texas municipalities can be found in the Transparency portion of the Texas State Comptroller’s web site.  Information for Bellaire Debt as of 2016 can be found here: You’ll find a Search box below Select Your Starting Point.

City Council agendas and meetings of City boards and commissions can be found under the dropdown Agendas menu.  Check on current and proposed Public Works projects under the dropdown Public Works menu.

Sign up for City notifications at Notify Me:

Meet your current City Council:  CITY COUNCIL

You can email the Mayor and City Council in care of our City Clerk, Tracy Dutton, at and request that your email be forwarded.

Here’s the list of current Boards and Commissions and their members:  BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS