Positive Developments Ongoing At Bellaire City Hall

Sharon Citino, our new City Manager, is steadily filling open positions, including a new director, Travis Tanner, in Development Services.  He came to City Council meeting on February 20, 2023, to propose some much needed changes to our city ordinance regarding construction sites.  It’s about time that we protect our neighborhoods from trash and stop allowing dirt and debris to wash into our storm sewers.

Consideration of and possible action on the adoption of an ordinance of the City Council of the City of Bellaire, Texas, amending Chapter 9, Buildings, Article I, In General, Section 9-5, Duty of contractors and other persons performing construction work within the city, of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Bellaire, Texas, for the purpose of adding additional requirements for maintenance of construction sites, including temporary fencing, stormwater facility protection measures, disposal of trash, and condition of portable sanitary facilities, and providing the Building Official with additional authority to enforce such requirements – Submitted by Travis Tanner, Director of Development Services. 

Council approved the updates.  Watch the full meeting here: https://bellairetx.new.swagit.com/videos/208623     Next up may be lighting and noise pollution.  Find more information in this post.   

Check out the new City of Bellaire website.  It’s bright and inviting, accessible and informative.  And it’s no longer grey!    

Good News From FEMA

According to our Mayor that 15% discount for flood insurance will be reinstated in the Fall, thanks to the improvement in City reports to FEMA.  We have new FEMA flood maps coming this year for Harris County so this is really good news. 

The February 9, 2023, of the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting focused on discussion and final consideration on a new Noise and Lighting ordinance. 

Residential lighting should be confined to the residence yard and driveway.  No more bright lights beamed on the neighbor’s windows.  No more bright lights on all night long unless they are hooded, no glare on other properties.  Seasonal lighting and string lights were discussed.  What does ‘exceptionally bright’ mean?  Apparently it’s covered by lumens or such, in the ordinance.

The noise portion covers residential, commercial, and City activities.  What about weekend hours for construction work?  There’s a long list of noise complaints in the Agenda statement.  The research was impressive and the discussion was thoughtful and reasonable. Find a link to the February 6, 2023, P&Z meeing here and the Agenda statement here.  P&Z will send a letter of recommendation to City Council.  UPDATE: Council approved the changes at the February 20, 2023, Council meeting.

Bottom Line: Be considerate of your neighbors. 

Please email comments, concerns, or questions to the Mayor and members of City Council via our City Clerk, Tracy Dutton, at tdutton@bellairetx.gov and request that your email be forwarded to the Mayor and Council.  

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