Methodist Hospital P&Z Presentation Of March 9, 2023

UPDATE 4/21/2023:  The application was approved by P&Z on a 3 to 2 vote at the April 13th meeting. 

UPDATE 3/23/2023: Until a hearing is scheduled before City Council residents may continue to send their comments on this application to

  • Methodist is tax-exempt and the new Methodist buildings could be exempt from property taxes.  The land is owned by Weingartens; there is uncertainty about whether property taxes on the land could also be exempt.  UPDATE:  A Methodist representative stated that property taxes would be paid on the land and the improvements.
  • Possible flooding in underground parking during flood events.
  • Quite a bit of concern about traffic problems, especially off South Rice.
  • Methodist does have an ‘out’ from the lease.
  • Proposal needs to be consistent with the zoning ordinance and with the Comprehensive Plan.

UPDATE 3/10/23: Only one of the Public comments to P&Z supported the plan, all others were not in favor of this sort of development in the center of downtown Bellaire.  You can email your comments to or Monique Alejos at Monique Alejos
One item of interest, in 2022 the owner of the old Chevron site announced that Methodist had leased 100,000 s/f of space in one of the existing Chevron buildings.  However Methodist apparently chose not to move into the space.  You can view the P&Z Public Hearing and entire meeting here.     

Bellaire P&Z Meeting, March 9, 2023

On March 9, 2023, Page Southerland Page, representing Houston Methodist Hospital, is scheduled to present a plan to the Bellaire Planning and Zoning Commission at 6:00 PM on March, 9, 2023, for a Planned Development on the 3.187 acre Randalls site at 5130 Bellaire Blvd. 

Included are a 3-story, 95,000 square foot medical office building with an attached 2-story garage and three (3) detached single story retail buidlings.  The garage would be accessed from South Rice.  The developer desires to close the esplanade opening currently used to turn left into the existing parking lot.  Lot coverage, including surface parking, is proposed to be a maximum of 68%.

Find the P&Z meeting Agenda here You can find all the proposed designs, traffic study, and site layouts in the Agenda.

Methodist Proposed Site Plan

After an earlier presentation to P&Z of a 5-story structure and large parking garage was met with some criticism, Methodist will present a plan they feel is more community-oriented.  It would include three 1-story retail structures and a 3-story office building and parking garage, built over underground parking. 

The new development would add trees and green space and reduce the impermeable surface on the site.  But it certainly won’t have the same look as the 1-story Randalls store.

Speakers are welcome at the Public Hearing.  Comments can be emailed to P&Z via

2021 Bellaire Zoning Map

Please email comments, concerns, or questions to the Mayor and members of City Council via our City Clerk, Tracy Dutton, at and request that your email be forwarded to the Mayor and Council.  

Bissonnet West Facade

Methodist North Facade

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