O’Reilly Auto Parts Plans To Rebuild

On August 20, 2020, Bellaire’s Board of Adjustment voted NO, 4 to 2, on a request from O’Reilly Auto Parts for a variance in the zoning of the UV-D to construct a new one-story building at their current location at 5134 Spruce. Find the original plans here.  A representative for O’Reilly Auto Enterprises explained that a 2-story structure for the store was unnecessary and financially unfeasible.

At the joint workshop for City Council and Planning and Zoning, Bellaire Development Services Interim-Assistant Director Christian Somers exlained that O’Reilly Auto Parts will have a new building in the same location on Spruce, described as a redevelopment project. 

Due to the current zoning, customer parking will be along one side, in front of what will now be the storefront.  In order to meet the setback and the 2-story zoning requirements the building will be one-story with a 2nd story mezzanine at the front property line.

O’Reilly Auto Parts has been a good neighbor in that location for years, and many residents still remember Charlie Fischer’s original Hi-Lo Auto Supply.  

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