What About Multi-Family Developments In Bellaire?

Bellaire’s Planning and Zoning Commission held a Public Hearing on February 8, 2024, regarding the possible rezoning of the property located at 4301 Bissonnet, the Pont Alba apartments, which covers 3.4 acres.  Find the agenda and meeting video here, it’s a short meeting.   Although only this location was under discussion, multi-family permeates Bellaire’s zoning districts, including the R-MF, UV-D, CMU, and UV-T. 

Please let the City know what you think about this 4301 Bissonnet property and your views on multi-family in general.  Do we want apartments or condos (which may end up as rentals)?  Email P&Z at zoning@bellairetx.gov and email City Council at tdutton@bellairetx.gov.

A multifamily home is any residential property with more than one housing unit. A duplex, townhome, or apartment complex is a good example of a multifamily home, also condominiums, not to be confused with single-family townhouses such as those in Bellaire.  Most upscale cities in our area, including West University, do not allow any form of multi-family construction.  That multi-family exclusion is a draw for many and adds to the value of homes in those cities.   

Numerous residents voiced objections to multi-family at the P&Z meeting.  They fear tall buildings, troublesome tenants, loitering, and tenant parking on adjoining streets.  When I did some research on the condos located at the corner of Jessamine and Mapleridge in Houston, I found that two-thirds of them are not homesteaded, they are used as rental properties.  Find more information on multi-family from an earlier article below:     

What Is The Definition Of Multi-Family?

It’s important to understand that multi-family housing, R-MF Residential Multi-Family District, is not the same as our fee-simple townhouse developments.  Bellaire’s townhouses contain adjoining single-family residences, but the building and land for each residence is owned separately. 

Multi-family structures can contain numerous residential units in one structure.  Multi-family may be apartments, condos, even fourplexes and duplexes.  The primary R-MF site is the Pont Alba apartments, located along Bissonnet at the eastern entrance to Bellaire. 

Meanwhile upscale communities in the Houston area – West University, Southside Place, the Memorial Villages – continue to protect their residential areas from the intrusion of tall buildings and multi-family structures.  

Would you want to live with this in your back yard?  5 or 6 stories? It could happen to residents on Locust.  Click to enlarge photo.

I wish I was making this up, but you can find it all here:

Find the complete UV-D Zoning Ordinance here

Find the complete CMU Zoning Ordinance here

Find the Complete UV-T Zoning Ordinance here

Find the R-MF Zoning Ordinance here

Find a PDF version of the most recent zoning map here.

You can find all current City of Bellaire Zoning Regulations here.

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