It’s Budget Time In Bellaire! Find The Proposed Budget, Also Plans for World Trade Center Artifact

City Council – July 18 2022  Presentation of the proposed annual budget for the City of Bellaire, Texas, for the fiscal year commencing on October 1, 2022, and ending on September 30, 2023 – Submitted by Deacon Tittel, Interim City Manager.

A copy of the budget document can be accessed and downloaded through this link:–FY-2023-Proposed-Budget-7-18-22         

  • No property tax increase was proposed. 
  • Six million dollars of remaining bonds will be sold, and proposed debt service FY2023 is $9.6 million. 
  • Page 131, Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) list includes $500,000 for animal shelter replacement and $400,000 for repair/renovation to the Public Works campus.
  • Find a more detailed CIP here: Proposed FY2023 Capital Budget-In Brief 

You can send all comments to the Mayor and members of City Council via Tracy Dutton and ask her to forward to them.  Speak out at meetings during Public Comments.  Let your elected officials know of your concerns.

(My request is for a minimum wage of at least $15.00 per hour for all full-time and part-time benefits eligible City employees, especially those in Public Works.)

Proposed Location For World Trade Center Artifact

Click to view PowerPoint presentation.

The proposed location is on Jessamine between the Fire Station and the Library. across from the Police Station.   Although proposed as a temporary location this may be the permanent location.  The design and installation of this steel I-beam is to be funded through donations. 

Initial cost was $40,000 to $50,000, to be raised by donations, and the installation location was to be in Zindler Park.  The cost was later reduced to $25,000, and the temporary location is proposed to cost even less.  No mention was made of cash donations committed or collected. 

Geo webbing that was removed from the parking lot at 4300 Bellaire Blvd will be used as the base, a construction company has volunteered to install a concrete pad and install the beam, and the Rotary Club may pay for a large brass marker.  At this time there is no cost to the City. 

View the entire July 18, 2022, Council meeting here

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