Renovation Plans For The Bellaire Triangle

An article in the Houston Chronicle reports that a re-design is planned for the Bellaire Triangle.  The center’s longtime owners, MC Management & Development, plan extensive renovations including the addition of an open-air space for outdoor events.  There’s no word yet on the future of the current tenants. 

The center is bounded by Bellaire Blvd, Mapleridge, Bissonnet, and Chimney Rock, located in the CMU zoning district, and the renovation plans apparently will reflect the current one-story design.         

Now if only City Council would do something about the ridiculous zoning (minimum two-stories, no parking allowed in front of a business, etc.), the narrow streets, and the unsightly parking areas in the UV-D.  The current one-story, easily accessible businesses around H-E-B are “grandfathered in”, and when one of them, O’Reilly Auto Parts on Spruce, wanted to build a new one-story building their request was refused.  We’re left with what has to be the ugliest downtown area of any of our local communities. 

A portion of the “beautiful streetscape” promised by the former City Manager and members of City Council.  This used to be a 60′ wide street for commercial use.

The UV-T zoning in the northwest quadrant of Bellaire is just as bad and contains similar language.  2-story buildings, zero setback at front property line, etc.  10-foot wide sidewalks!  A terrific presentation by one of our Bellaire businesses, Thompson+Hanson, was shut down by P&Z because it would not meet UV-T requirements.

What About Planned Developments?

The Randall’s site is also in the UV-D, and there is news of plans for that location.  Must a Planned Development on abost 3 acres of land in the UV-D adhere to the zero front setback?  Is 90% site coverage still allowed?  PDs seem to have many more options for developers.  One quick question for that site – just where is the front property line located, on Bellaire Blvd?  If so, will the rear of the property face Bissonnet? 

A Primer on Bellaire P&Z: Updates, A 30 ft Minimum Height And A Zero Setback!

An Ornate ‘Streetscape’ Behind a Multi-Story Grocery Store? Why?

2021 Bellaire Zoning Map

Please email concerns or questions to the Mayor and members of City Council via our City Clerk, Tracy Dutton, at  Let Council know what you think.

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