Consolidated Financial Statement

Projected FY2020 Consolidated Financial Statement
A Quick Overview

The City budget revenues include more than property taxes.  Revenue sources also include water, wastewater, and solid waste fees billed through the Enterprise Fund, sales tax revenue, franchise fees, permits and licenses, fines, the Metro fund, the Special Revenue fund, investment income and bond funds.  See the Consolidated Financial Statement below.

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Most important are the Beginning Fund Balances totals of $11,438,398 and balances from two blocks of information: Total Revenues of $40,536,904, and Total Expenditures of $42,938,231.  Please excuse the circuitous route needed to explain these numbers.

Transfers and bond proceeds are not actual revenue. Only the enhancements ($143,500) are additional costs.

Metro Funds revenue  of $1,231,400 can only be spent for street and pavement repairs, pathway construction, street lighting, etc, and are reflected in Expenditures as Capital Projects.  The $1,210,000 expenditure reflects the outgo of those funds.

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Expenditure Breakdown:

$692,000 under Capital Improvement Fund column includes $250K that only exists as a promise – funds that are to be raised by private donors for a bathroom at Mulberry Park.  To date no funds have been raised. 

That leaves $442,000, which includes $140K from the Enterprise Fund for pumps and a motor for the Central Well, leaving a balance of $302,000.

That $302K is cash-on-hand, re-appropriated from earlier bond proceeds.  Add the $627K, listed under the Capital Bond Fund column, more cash-on-hand.  That’s the million dollars the City Manager plans to spend to plan then next bond issue. A million dollars of cash-on-hand.