Costello and Spruce/Fifth Streets Documents

Letter/Contract to James Andrews:         Costello, Inc. Contract

Original contract executed on May 25, 2017, for numerous street and drainage projects: Maple St. from Avenue B to Newcastle; Bolivar St. from Jessamine to Dead End; Spruce St. from Ferris to South Rice Avenue; Fifth St. from Bissonnet to Spruce.  Installation of flapgate structures at S. Rice outfall, 610 Newcastle outfall, and Southdale area outfall and include in Group C Phase 2 Street and Drainage Construction plans.  Depending on exact locations of these structures, significant box structures may be required at the installation locations.

The Costello Inc. Report of August 11, 2017 is too large to upload as one file however it’s easy to view section by section.

Letter/Contract to James Andrews:  Costello _Executed Contract_May_25_2017

Costello Report of August 11, 2017 First Section: 1_Costello_Report_Pgs1-14_Aug_2017

Costello Report Map and Photos: 2_Costello _Report_Map&Photos_ Aug_2017-2

Costello Report Engineered Drawings: 3_Costello_Report_Eng_Drawings_ Aug_2017-3

Costello Report Cost Estimate: 4_Costello_Report_Est_Cost_ Aug_2017-4

Costello Report Geotechnical Report: 5_Costello _Report_Cibor_Geotech_Aug_2017-5