Proposed Fournace/South Rice Avenue Development

5000 Fournace Place* – Requests to rezone from TRPD, Technical Research Park District (office buildings and garages), to CMU, Commercial Mixed Use (just about anything).

Also a request for Planned Developments with additional height to 85 feet. Scheduled for Planning & Zoning on July 11, 2019, at 6 PM in Bellaire City Hall.

5901 South Rice – 9.6 acres would be developed for Retail and Multi-Use as follows:

  •  Four (4) perimeter 1-story buildings 30 feet in height. Two (2) buildings facing South Rice Avenue and two (2) buildings facing Fournace Place
  • A multi-story retail/restaurant/health/entertainment/office building 53′ feet in height; a second application requests additional height to 85′ (See the photos)
  • Another parking garage with 3 suspended levels, 35 feet in height

5000 Fournace Place – 3.15 acres would be developed for Apartments as follows:

  • Option 1 – One (1) Level Podium with 6 residential Floors – Height of 85 feet
  • Multi-Family – a suspended concrete podium base
  • Six (6) floors of residential units above
  • Six (6) levels of parking adjacent to the multi-family building plus ground level parking below the structure. No height was provided for the garage
  • Option 2 – Two (2) Level Podium with 5 Residential Floors – Height of 85 feet
  • A two (2) level suspended concrete parking podium with five (5) floors of residential units on top of the base
  • A pool and amenities on top of the 2nd level parking structure.

*NOTE: Due to underground contamination Chevron and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality do not allow single family homes on the land and no residential units with first floor ground level uses other than parking. Thus the suspended structures.