Bellaire Agenda: Mayor and Council Special Session (Pre-Budget Planning Workshop)

Click to enlarge pg 10, see Redevelopment

Thursday, May 3, 2018, the Mayor and City Council will hold an all day pre-budget planning session in the Centerpoint Energy Community Center, located over the entrance to the Aquatics Center.  For those residents unable to attend the Session you can find information on updates, fiscal forecasts, and City Council priorities in the 2018-05-03 Mayor and Council – Full Agenda-1708.          Discussion on:

  • Pushing out small businesses around HEB that don’t meet Bellaire’s ‘higher standards’ (see Spruce/Fifth Streets) and see page 10 of the Agenda pdf above.  (The euphemism is “to encourage commercial redevelopment”)
  • Adding to Bellaire’s debt with a $48.5 million bond issue in 2019
  • Increasing Bellaire’s water and sewer rates over the next 5 years
  • Ensuring public safety; money for infrastructure, public works and library buildings, and parks.
  • Encourage new business development (see Spruce/Fifth Streets)
  • Using Bellaire’s brand identity
  • Property tax increase is not addressed.  Will we need one?
  • and more…

PLEASE review this agenda, especially pages 54-57, in preparation for the final budget due in September.

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