ChristChurch Presbyterian in Bellaire Is For Sale

UPDATE:  At the P&Z meeting on February 10, 2022, the commission members discussed the current residential zoning and the apparent intent by the owners or the real estate agents to market the Church property as commercial.  They requested that City staff approach the owners to clarify their intent.  Mention was made of the problems with a past request by a developer to rezone 4301 Bellaire Blvd for a commercial building.  It’s a short meeting, you can watch it here.

2023: Currently there is no For Sale sign on the property.  The article below was posted in October of 2019, updated February 11, 2022.

ChristChurch Presbyterian, at the corner of Bellaire Blvd and South Rice Avenue, is for sale.  Originally established as a Presbyterian church in 1919, Bellaire Presbyterian merged with Braeburn Presbyterian in 2006.  According to Bellaire history the current red brick sanctuary was built in 1957, and is part of an attractive campus rimmed by beautiful live oak trees.

The Church has plans to move the church and school to a smaller property across Third Street.   No price has been set for the property, the owners are open to offers while they consider the requirements for relocation and construction.

View the brochure for the property here.

The land is zoned R-4, Residential, however the real estate agent, Tommy Wilson, seemed to think that the City is willing to co-operate with developers to rezone for commercial use.  Give him a call.  Will this be the cause of another request to change our zoning ordinances?

Download the brochure for the property here.

Find the Bellaire Zoning_Map Here

Bellaire’s Debt is $123.8 million at the end of FY2019, one of the highest per capita in the state.  Another bond issue is under discussion for 2021.Find Bellaire on the Texas Comptroller’s list for 2018; more bonds have been sold since then:

Email  the Mayor and City Council via our City Clerk and request that it be forwarded:

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