City of Bellaire Website – User Friendly?

Have you tried to find information on the City of Bellaire website?  One example: search for City Council agenda packets.  You’ll find the calendar for the current month where you can click on the Council meetings.  The next best possibility is City archives, except the most recent agenda shown is for March 24, 2014.  If you really want to find the most recent agendas you literally have to go back month by month.

Search for transparency or transparency in government.  First up is annual local debt report – informative (and scary), but not really about transparency in government.  Then some type of City report, and so on.  Nothing close to West University’s site, which lists Transparency in Government as a main menu item.

What’s your experience with Bellaire’s website?  Comments are welcome

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One Response to City of Bellaire Website – User Friendly?

  1. Michele says:

    I can’t find where to email the Planning and Zoning Committee my opposition to the proposed car wash at Ferris and Bissonnet. I’ll have to wait until Monday to ask. All they have to do is ask a few residents to move through the website and point out the obvious flaws in navigation and transparency. Improvement could be easy.

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