Council Priorities and the Minutes of the Pre-Budget Planning Workshop

Final version of Council Priorities:—Adopted-61818?bidId=

Find it here: Council Priorities 2018-06-18.  Take a look at the overview – the Chevron property;  the costs to the city from Hurricane Harvey – $3.5 million, much of that will be reimbursed by FEMA and the Texas Municipal League, but a recent financial report estimated the City’s non-reimbursable loss at around $621,000.        Increase in water rates by 2022; a strange report: as the City receives more accurate data on water usage rates will reduce, but because of new debt the City may have to increase rates (packet page 458); mention of a $315,000 funding for a flood study; items to postpone were shown to Council in a separate document; there may be another citizen survey.  Assumption of another bond issue in 2019 for $48.5 million.  When all the 2016 bonds are issues our outstanding debt will be $139.8 million.  Principal only.  Currently the debt service each year is about $9 million.

Email the Mayor and City Council via our City Clerk, Tracy Dutton at  Ask her to forward your email to the Council.

City of Bellaire – Current Debt Report as of September 30, 2017  – right at $140 million when all bonds currently approved are issued; per the proposed FY2019 budget, by September 30, 2018 the projected amount of bonds outstanding will be $129.8 million.

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