2019 Budget is Adopted – Future Bond Program Planning Session – A Possible $47 million Bond Issue in 2019

2016 Debt – No New Bond Issues


The Bellaire City Council, City Manager, and City staff discussed the possibility of another bond issue in 2019.  The amount proposed by City staff is $47 million.  A second bond issue in 2022 was also mentioned, at this point it would be an additional $36 million. The October 22, 2018 meeting is available on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/130591610318041/videos/vb.130591610318041/161458321464810/?type=2&theater


The agenda and packet shown to Council, all 171 pages, can be viewed here:  2018-10-22 Mayor and Council – Bond-Issue_Session

Please follow this closely on the next several months.  Our Current City Debt is $124.8 million, but including the interest it is closer to $180 million. 

The anticipated 2019 debt service (principal and interest) is $9.4 million.  The 2019 adopted City budget is available here: FY 2019 Adopted Budget

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