Welcome To A Lush Grove?

Back in 2017 City Council approved $50,000 for a branding study, with a no-bid contract to a company owned by a Bellaire resident.  The results of that study, a B/leaf logo, a verbal identity, and a green font, were met with derision by many Bellaire residents.

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The new logo was not adopted, but in a petty act of revenge the City Council and the city manager did away with our longtime city seal.  It is no longer used on City buildings or publications and is being replaced on City vehicles – by that green font.  A sad, even embarrassing action that says a lot about this current city manager, the mayor, and city council.

However the worst was yet to come.  We now have a new City website – focused on that verbal identity.  In what has to be one of the worst designs, almost a parody, of a website.  Presented in black, gray, and dull greens, interspersed with green blocks.  Welcome to the new Bellaire.

We no longer have a ‘Welcome to Bellaire’ sign at the east entrance on Bellaire Boulevard, nor will you find that sentiment on the home page of the new website.

Don’t you wonder what what it says about Bellaire?  And what that new website cost?  One more thing – remember that $50,000 leaf logo from Mr. Hofmann’s chosen design team?  Check out Google images:  b logo with a leaf

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