What was included in the 2016 Bellaire Bond Election?

Mentioning bonds in a prior post, I wondered where the City or Council planned to find the $8 million plus for Pathways or the $4.1 million for the Spruce Street upgrade. In 2016 Bellaire voters approved the sale of $54 million in bonds. Perhaps these projects might be proposed as part of Proposition 1, though I’m not sure sidewalks along one side of every street translates into 8 foot wide pathways running throughout the City and fancy parking areas that face the back of a grocery store.

Considering our recent flooding problems I’d guess most residents really prefer that those funds be used to correct our drainage issues, not add more impervious surfaces to the City.  And if there’s extra cash left over there are plenty of streets that need to be repaired or replaced.

Proposition 3 included $12.8 million for a contract to Siemens to replace water meters and upgrade the wastewater plant.  The balance should replace a fair amount of old water lines.  City Council recently approved a contract for $1.6 million to replace 15,000 feet of water lines – about $110 a foot.

Proposition 1 – Streets, Drainage and Sidewalks $24.00 million
 This program will continue the work of the Bellaire Millennium Renewal (2000) and Rebuild Bellaire (2005) bond programs to design and construct streets and drainage systems with sidewalks on at least one side of the street

  • Projects will address replacement of streets and drainage systems in order to reduce the occurrence of flooding and improve street conditions
  • Streets and drainage systems to be replaced are identified based upon relative priority as determined by condition

Proposition 2 – New Municipal Buildings $5.60 million

  • Includes new city hall/civic center and police/municipal court building
  • Maintains campus approach to Bellaire Town Square (Bellaire-Zindler Park)
  • Allows for long range plans for a new library to be incorporated
  • Supports desires expressed by citizens in multiple public meetings, including building locations and overall site planning
  • Developed with guidance from two citizens’ ad hoc advisory committees which address layout, adjacencies, and design aesthetics
  • Allows larger and improved police work and training spaces and accommodates construction cost escalation

Proposition 3 – Water and Wastewater Improvements Program $24.38 million

  • The advanced age and deterioration of water lines, meters, and facilities has led to a decrease in the overall efficiency of the system and rising maintenance costs
  • Over 40% of utility lines are between 40 and 70 years old, 67% of water meters are over 15 years old, and the wastewater treatment plant is over 40 years old
  • Water lines scheduled for upgrade are those identified as the most critically in need of replacement
  • System and financial efficiency will be improved with upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant and the replacement of water meters and aging water and wastewater lines

What do you think?  Email tdutton@bellairetx.gov and request that your message be forwarded to the Mayor and members of City Council.

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