Another Last Minute Request For Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

At the March 1, 2021, Council meeting Councilmember Wesely objected to an agenda item for a service agreement contract costing almost a half-million dollars.  A 95-page agenda item for $478,897.95, to be exact, for a 5-year contract for a Police CAD/RMS Upgrade.

Councilmember Wesely once again requested that members of Council be provided this sort of information well in advance, not 3 days before the Council meeting. “This has been out there for 4 months and we got it for 3 days.” 

He had a good point, since funds for this service were included in the the current 2021 budget, finalized last September, 2020.  This once again had the feel of an urgent last-minute item that has been out there for months.  Council members had little time to review the 95 page document.

A representative of the vendor selected, CentralSquare, was on hand for the meeting.

After discussion the matter was put to a vote, and Council voted 4 to 3 to postpone further consideration to the next Council meeting.

Catch the discussion toward the end of the March 1, 2021, Council meeting.  Discussion of this item begins about 2 hours into the meeting.

Email the Mayor and City Council via our City Clerk, Tracy Dutton, at and request that your email be forwarded.

Total outstanding bond debt on 9/30/2020 stands at $116.4 million.
$6 million in bonds remain unissued. 

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