Any Thoughts On Short Term Rentals In Bellaire?

UPDATE 8/3/2021: A vote on the agenda item was postponed after it became apparent that only Councilmembers Lewis and Hotze felt the ordinance was justified at this time.  Towards the end of the meeting Bellaire’s City Attorney, Alan Petrov, confirmed that West University’s City Council had disallowed short term leases in West University residential neighborhoods over 3 years ago.
You can watch the 8/2/2021 Council meeting here.

Some Bellaire property owners offer properties as short term rentals, usually through the Airbnb or VRBO websites.  Other Bellaire property owners are concerned about this practice.  Back in May of 2021 Councilmembers Lewis and Hotze brought up the issue for discussion to City Council.

How would you feel about strangers moving in your neighborhood for a few days, a week, or a month?  What about for a few months?  In addition, the current City zoning in UV-D and CMU allows for multi-family, which could mean condos and apartments.  More opportunities for short term rentals?

A possible ordinance regarding these rentals will be on the City Council meeting agenda scheduled for Monday, August 2, 2021. 

Click on the image at left to find the agenda item along with resident comments.  Find the full meeting agenda here.

Comments can be sent to City Council via our City Clerk at with your request to forward them to the Mayor and Council.

Find more information on this map in the agenda item above.

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